Saturday, May 5, 2012

Is it OK to go to the spa if you have plantar warts?

You have plantar wart on your feet, you had tried all the home treatment yet you still didn't get the result you always wanted. Then one fine day you are thinking about treating yourself to a spa. The question appear in your head, is it OK for me to go to the spa with plantar wart on my feet?

Plantar wart is contagious, which mean you not only at risk of spreading it to the other area of your foot, but you can also infect other peoples. This is why it is best for you to avoid going to the spa before you manage to get the wart removed.

If you still go to the spa, there are some possibility you might infect other people especially the massage therapist. Beside that, you might not be able to experience the best massage your can possibly get since the massage therapist will have to avoid the affected area on your foot. If we're going to the spa we will want to get the best possible experience, which is difficult to achieve when there is some sort of wart on our foot.

The important thing to do is to take some effort to get the wart removed. If home remedies and over the counter medicine for plantar wart are not able to get the wart removed, maybe it is time for you to meet your doctor and get some professional help and advice. Doctor not always recommending surgery, in some cases a doctor will suggest some other type of plantar wart treatment such as freezing.

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