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Choosing the best treatment for plantar warts

When it come to choose the best treatment for plantar warts, there are several factors that you will need to consider in order to get the best plantar warts treatment for you. Different removal methods some time bring different result for each individual.

Some aspects for you to consider:

  1. Have you try any home remedies for plantar warts before?
    This is the first factor you need to consider. Most of the home removal methods for plantar warts are cheap and can be done with the tools and ingredients that already available in your home. If you never try any of the home remedies before, it is best for you to give it a try first to see if any of them work for you.

  2. Do you have diabetes
    If you have diabetes, than a visit to your doctor is require to determine the best treatment for you. Most of the time, home treatment for plantar warts are said to be unsuitable for people with diabetes. However, don't be afraid to try any home removal methods recommended by your doctor.

  3. Budget
    Plantar wart removal surgery are said to be a little bit expensive. For people with a low budget, there are a few home removal methods that you can try. However, if budget is not a problem for you, there are several type of surgery available.

Before you consider making an appointment with your doctor, it best for you to try some of the home treatment first to see if any of the at home plantar warts removal methods will work for you. Many plantar warts sufferer had find home treatment to be pretty effective in their case.

Plantar wart surgery recovery

Plantar wart are known to be annoying and some time even painful. Despite all the home removal methods you see on the internet, there are some cases where the sufferer will have to remove the warts through surgical methods.

It had been said that except from the part where the doctor inject your feet with local anesthetic, plantar warts surgery are pretty painless. However, after the surgery you will have to deal with recovery time before you can finally do you daily activity without any limitation.

After the surgery, you will not feel any pain for several hour. But caution is still advised to reduce the pain that you might feel a few hours after the surgery. Your doctor might ask you to take a rest for a few day to make sure your foot can heal properly.

During the recovery period, it is best to change the bandage frequently to make sure your feet are always clean to avoid any other infection. Infection can cause complications which will increase the time needed for you to recover.

Many plantar warts sufferer are able to recover in a few days while the affected area itself will take weeks before it will completely heal. Most of the time, you will need to make a few visit to your doctor after the surgery. Your doctor will make sure that you are healing properly. Beside that, you doctor will make sure the warts have low chances of coming back.

Most of the plantar warts sufferer are complaining about pain during the recovery time. Usually the pain are coming from the surgery site itself or at the location where your doctor had injected you with local anesthetic. To deal with this, you might want to ask your doctor whether s/he will give you any pain killer after the surgery to reduce the pain. You can also ask your doctor whether it is safe for you to take over-the-counter medicine to reduce the pain.

Beside that, some patients also find the scar that they get after the surgery to be painful. You will have to ask your doctor about things you can do to reduce the scar and what could you do to stop the pain.

Basically, you'll have to put less pressure on your foot and make sure the surgery site are always in clean condition. Most of the time, patients will be fully recover in a few weeks but there are also some cases where the patient take longer to recover from the surgery.

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Choosing the best treatment for plantar warts

Plantar wart removal surgery procedure

If you plan to have the warts remove by surgery, these videos might give a little bit of ideas how the surgery are going to be done. All the videos below had been collected from YouTube. Be aware that some people might find it scary or disgusting to watch these videos, but the videos shown below are really going to help you to understand more about plantar wart removal surgery.

In this video, Dr Mark T Senft demonstrates how the surgery is done. Uploaded by gr8feet

In this other video, a patient manage to get permission from his doctor to record the procedure while the surgery is done. By Dave the couch guy

In this last video, Dave the couch guy tell us about his experiences dealing with plantar warts.

Basically, the videos shown above might give you some ideas about the procedure for Plantar wart removal surgery. However, most plantar warts sufferer prefer to give home removal methods a try before considering having a surgery to remove the warts.

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Choosing the best treatment for plantar warts

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Plantar wart removal surgery

There are several home removal methods that you can use to remove plantar warts. However, in some cases, a visit to you doctor is require for further examination. Despite being expensive and painful, there are several situation where you will need to have plantar wart removal surgery.

People always consider meeting a doctor as the last option. Before considering this last option, you'll need to know if the situation is bad enough that surgery will be the only way you'll be able to remove the warts.

Some of the scenario that might require you to meet your doctor include :

  • The warts keep spreading even after you've taken preventive and removing measure.
  • The plantar warts are so painful that you can hardly walk or stand.
  • You're a not sure whether it is actually a plantar wart or something else. Older peoples should consult with their doctor to check for any indicant of skin cancer
  • If you have diabetes, you'll have to meet your doctor for more options to remove the warts since most home remedies are not suitable for people with diabetes.

When we talk about Plantar wart removal surgery, there are several type of surgery that can be done to remove the warts from your foot.

  • Curettage – curettage is the most common plantar wart removal surgery. This type of surgery are performed by cutting and picking off the warts using a tiny spoon-shaped tool and a small knife.
  • Electrosurgery – this type of surgery involve using electric current to burn the warts
  • Laser Surgery – just like Electrosurgery, laser surgery also involve warts burning process. Only this time, laser are used to get the job done.

As mentioned above, Plantar wart removal surgery are always considered as the last option, and there is a reason for this. There are some cases where the patient are having painful post-surgery experience. Beside that, some patient take too long to recover from the surgery. However, the surgery procedure it self are known to be painless except at the beginning where the doctor injected you with some local anesthetic.

Plantar wart treatment

Plantar wart are said to be able to
cure by itself but it is better to seek
for treatment to prevent yourself
from infecting others.
Having warts in any part of your body never look good. Having Plantar warts is even worse. Beside the non-attractive look, plantar warts can limit your daily movement. Plantar warts grow at the bottom of your feet and can sometime cause discomfort and even pain every time you stand or walk.

Because of this, it is best to seek for some plantar wart treatment that you can apply. When we talk about treatment, there are a few choices available. You can remove the wart by using the home removal methods, over the counter products or clinical surgery.

Usually, most people are more likely to try the home removal method or over the counter products first, before they decide whether or not they need to make an appointment with a doctor. Most of the time, Plantar wart removal surgery are considered the last option to take if any other methods fail to remove the warts.

As for the home removal methods, there are several methods that you could try such as the plantar warts duct tape treatment, banana peel treatment, garlic treatment and plantar wart treatment by using Apple cider vinegar. These home removal methods are said to be cheaper and less painful compared to surgery. However, these methods require times and consistency in order to make it work.

If home removal methods fail to deliver a good result, there are several products that you can purchase to help remove the warts from your foot. Some of the most popular one including Dr. Scholl's Plantar Wart Removal System and Wartner Cryogenic Plantar Wart Removal System.

And finally, if everything else fail, you will need to make an appointment with your doctor to had the warts analyze and removed by surgery.

Plantar warts can ruing your day and make your routine activity harder. Luckily, there are a lot of Plantar wart treatment available for you to choose. Remember that not every removal methods can work perfectly for everyone. What important is to search for the right treatment that work for you.

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Home remedies for plantar warts

Having plantar warts on your feet can be a really irritating experience. Beside being surrounded by discomfort feeling, you might also worried about infecting anyone else in your house. Removing plantar warts trough surgery can be painful while the surgery itself doesn't guarantee that the warts wont come back. Lucky for us, there are home remedies for plantar warts. These methods are known to be able to remove the warts and can be done by yourself using the ingredients available at home.

The best thing about home remedies is they're a lot cheaper and more importantly not painful. Here are some methods that you can use to remove plantar warts:

  • Apple cider vinegar
    One of the methods used to remove plantar warts is by using Apple cider vinegar. This method work by putting some apple cider vinegar on a piece of cotton and then put it on the affected area. Finish by duct taping the cotton to make sure it stay in place. Do this every night before going to bed.
  • Banana Peel
    This method is kind of similar with the method mentioned above just this time we're going to use banana peel as the main ingredient. It is done by putting the inner side of fresh banana peel on the warts before duct taping it to make sure the banana peel will stay in place. It is best to apply this method during the time where you're not required to wear shoes.
    Example:before bed time
  • Duct tape
    Another way to remove plantar warts is by using the duct tape it self. The idea is to separate the virus from it preferable environments using the duct tape. To do this, The affected area must be cleaned and dried first. After that, put the duct tape on the warts. Replace the duct tape every time it started to loose it grip.
  • Garlic
    Beside all the methods above, you can also use garlic to remove plantar warts from your feet. To do this simply crush the garlic and apply it to the affected area. Cover the garlic with bandage to make sure it will stay in place. Do this every night before bed time.

Before you try any of the methods mentioned above, it is important to remember that some method might work well with certain people but not with some other. The best thing to do is to try some of the methods above for yourself and find out which one of them work for you.

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Are plantar warts contagious?

Plantar warts is contagious
You make a living as massage therapists and it is your everyday job to massage your client feet, until one day you find out that one of your client have plantar warts which freak you out thinking that the warts will spread all over your hand. Or maybe one of your own family member have it and you're worried about the warts spreading if you accidentally touching it.

So you probably asking yourself, are plantar warts contagious?

Actually, the answer is yes, plantar warts is contagious. But wait, there is no need for you to be panic! Plantar warts is cause by HPV virus which is contagious, just like any other viruses. It can be spread from one individual to another or from a moisturize environments to a person.

However, it is believed that the virus which cause plantar warts are not highly contagious. This virus have a different impact on different person. Most of the time, the virus are killed by human antibodies before the warts begin to form.

Usually, a person who had some cuts on their feet or someone with a very weak immune system are more likely to have plantar warts. This is why plantar warts are more common among children though it can also occur among adults.

Despite the fact that the virus are not highly contagious, there is no reasons for us to not taking any preventive action. Some of the action that we can take to prevent plantar warts including avoid walking in public places with your barefoot and always keep your feet in clean and dry condition.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

How do you get plantar warts

Having plantar warts on your feet can be a very irritating experience. Knowing what cause the warts to appear at the first place can help you to take preventive measures and be more caution. That why it is best for you to know how do you get plantar warts.

Plantar warts occur when you are having a direct contact with HPV virus (Human Papilloma Virus). You might know this virus as the type of virus can cause cervical cancer. However, there are actually one hundred type of HPV viruses and the HPV virus that cause plantar warts aren't the one that can cause cancer.

Plantar warts usually appear when the virus are getting into your blood stream trough the breaking in your skin. Most of the time, this virus will be killed by your antibodies but as usual, some time our antibodies fail to kill the virus and that how the warts begin.

The virus can cause your skin cell to growth at more faster rate which create a thick growth of skin on your foot, this is how plantar warts appear. This process will take about one to 20 months to complete and that make it harder to guess when did it first start and where did you get the virus from.

Since HPV virus are known to be flourishing around warm and moisturize environment, there are a lot of places where you could be getting the virus from such as bathroom floor, pool and even locker room. After the warts had been developed, it can spread to other area of your foot simply by touch.

You can prevent plantar warts by knowing how do you get plantar warts at the first places. Despite the fact that it is hard to determine where did you get the virus from, you can still reduce your chances of having plantar warts by being caution when you're about to enter the environment where the HPV virus are known to be thrives.

Plantar wart duct tape treatment

wart duct tape treatment
Plantar wart duct tape treatment

In this article we will elaborate more about plantar wart duct tape treatment. Plantar wart are annoying, irritating and definitely not really attractive to look at. But when it come to finding a cure or treatment for it, of course we are more likely to try any alternative treatment or home remedies first before we decide whether we need to meet a doctor.

Beside being more less expensive solutions, home treatment can also help us to enchant our knowledge and understanding about our body and how can we take a good care of it. Other than that, home treatment are usually more simpler and can be done with the equipments or ingredients that already available in your home.

The idea for plantar wart duct tape treatment is to stop the wart by drying and separating it from moisturize environment. After about a week, the tape can be remove and the outer tissue of the wart can be remove from your feet. The methods however, will take a few week to completely remove the wart which is not really practical for someone in a hurry.

However, the among of time needed to remove the wart using this method is not really a big issue since many other plantar wart removal methods also take a lot of time to remove the wart completely. So it is safe to say that a lot of patient is require in most plantar wart removal methods.

Meeting a doctor will cost you some money and the doctor might even suggest some more expensive solutions such and freezing the wart or surgery. That is why a lot of people prefer to try some at-home-wart-removing methods first to see if the wart can be remove. And a lot of them had succeed. One of the most popular home treatment is plantar wart duct tape treatment.

How to get rid of plantar warts

Plantar warts is annoying and some time can be painful. If you're reading this, you or someone you know probably have plantar warts and now are seeking for ways to get rid of it. There are several options that you can try.

Here is how to get rid of plantar warts:

  1. Duct tape
    One of the methods used to remove plantar warts is by using a duct tape. By using this method, the first thing you wanted to do is to dry the area where the warts is. Then, put the duct tape on the warts and leave the tape for about a week. At the end of the one week period, remove the tape and pick the warts with something like pin. Repeat the process for several weeks.

  2. Salicylic acid
    You can also get rid of plantar warts by using Salicylic acid which is available at your nearest pharmacies in various form such as liquid, pad and even gel. To do this, simply wash the affected area first. Then dry the area before applying the salicylic acid.

  3. Banana Peel
    You can also use banana peel to remove the plantar wars. Put a piece of fresh banana peel on the warts (with the inner side of the banana peel facing the warts) and tape the banana skin so it will stay in place. Do this will a new fresh banana peel everyday until the warts gone.

Beside all the methods mentioned above, there are a lot of other treatment for plantar warts such as surgery and freezing. However, we will always try the alternative medicine first before we decide to meet our doctor for more serious treatment.

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