Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Should I be frightened if someone in my house have plantar warts?

You might already know that plantar warts is infectious. Some people are freaking out when someone in their house have plantar wart. They're worried about been infected and start to avoid the floor like there's spikes all over it especially when that particular person who had the wart just walk over that floor.

To be honest, these peoples are overreacting. Yes, plantar wart are contagious but most of the time the virus that cause plantar wart is killed by our antibodies before it even start to form the wart. So, instead of avoiding the floor, all you really need to do as a preventive action is to keep the antibodies strong while avoiding any sort of direct contact with the wart.

Beside that, the person who had plantar wart can also help to prevent it from spreading by covering the wart with some duct tape or bandage. Even with some sort of treatment, it's still going to take some times before the wart finally disappear. So, before you manage to remove it, taking some preventive measure is not a bad idea at all.

Keeping your antibodies strong can help to prevent the infection. The virus that cause plantar warts usually succeed only when our antibodies are weak or when we have a direct contact with the wart. We don't have to be frightened when someone in our home have plantar wart.

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