Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plantar warts can cause problems when running

Having painful plantar wart on your foot is a very difficult experience. Plantar wart not only cause discomfort but can sometime become painful. Since plantar wart appear at the bottom of your feet, it can actually cause some problems if you're a runner.

As a runner, plantar wart can cause major problem when running. Plantar wart not only slow you down during a race but trying to adjust your foot during running because of the pain can cause injury. This can affect you performance as a runner which is obviously not a good thing.

Since plantar wart is contagious, it is best to get the wart removed as soon as possible to prevent it to spread to the other area of your foot and cause you a lot more pain or discomfort during a race. You can try some home remedies for plantar wart such as the duct tape treatment.

Duct tape will stop the wart from getting nutrition and oxygen. This will eventually kill the wart. Beside that, duct tape can damper the wart and reduce the pain and impact on your foot every time you walk or run.

Plantar warts can cause problem when running. It is best to get it removed. There are several methods that you can try in order to get it removed. There are also some over the counter medicine for plantar wart that you can buy. However, it is still a good idea to refer to you doctor for some advice about the most suitable treatment for you.

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