Monday, November 10, 2014

Low Cost Wart Removal Options That Work

Low Cost Wart Removal Options
Photo: CC | Wiki Low Cost Wart Removal Options

Removing the wart can be costly especially if you choose to get the wart removed by surgery. In today economy, it is obviously better to consider the cheapest options first before you decide to treat your wart the expensive ways.

There are several low cost wart removal options available. In the list below are 3 of them which claimed to work by several people.

#1 - Over the counter medicine called Duofilm
Duofilm is not as popular as other wart remover but it work. Other than that, the price is pretty affordable too.

The medicine is also very easy to use. Simply apply it on the wart after shower, preferably twice a day and you might see some result in about a week. The label said not to use Duofilm on face but some people did successfully remove wart on their nose using it.

However, it is better to follow the instruction on the bottle, no Duofilm on faces.

#2 - A lot cheaper – Lime paste
Lime paste is use traditionally by Malay people to removed wart. While this wart removal method is not very popular in the western world, removing wart using lime paste is a common thing in south east asia countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

The lime paste will be applied on the wart. After the entire wart is covered by the lime paste, let it be for a few hours. Then, scrap it. Do this twice or 3 times a day.

While there’s no guarantee that these low cost wart removal options will work for everyone, it is wise to at least give it a try before you decide to remove the wart by surgery.

This because both of the treatments mentioned above are already proven to work for some people.

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