Sunday, August 26, 2012

Is it OK to use Compound W wart remover to remove skin tags?

Sometime people use many kind of unrelated product to treat their wart. For example, the duct tape and nail polish is definitely not produced to treat plantar wart but yet peoples are still using it to treat wart and some of them even manage to get the wart removed.

But what about using products, that mean to treat plantar wart for other type of skin disorder? Such as using the Compound W to remove skin tags. Will it be fine for you to do this?. Some people who use Compound W on skin tags might actually doing it unintentionally.

For example, they might think the skin tags is some sort of wart, and only know that the thing on their skin is actually not a wart at all only after they had applied Compound W on it. This kind of situation might make you wonder if it will be OK to use Compound W on skin tags.

Although Compound W is not actually created to treat skin tags, pretty lot of people are using it to treat this skin disorder. However, If not done properly, doing this might damage your healthy skin which is why you'll need to carefully apply the products.

Because it is possible to accidentally destroy the healthy part of your skin. It is pretty important for you to do it carefully if you ever think about using Compound W on your skin tags. However, it is still better to use a product or method that specially created to treat skin tags since Compound W is actually designed for wart treatment.

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