Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 home remedies for plantar wart that peoples are talking about

Nobody want to have a weird looking skin condition at the bottom of their foot. What's more, this weird looking skin condition also known to be a little bit painful especially for those who are pretty active in sports.

At the same time, asking for a doctor to remove your plantar warts through plantar wart removal surgery can sometime be costly. The surgery procedure look scary too even tho a lot of patient claim they didn't feel anything during the procedure.

If you have plantar warts, you might want to take a look at these home remedies for plantar warts and give some of them a try before deciding to meet your doctor.

1. Plantar wart duct tape treatment
The duct tape treatment is pretty popular on the web. Almost any blog and forum that have any kind of discussion about plantar wart had at least write something about this duct tape treatment.

How to apply this method
Plantar wart duct tape treatment work by simply stopping the warts from getting any oxygen supply. This is done by placing the duct tape over the wart for a long period of time. Eventually, the warts won't be able to “breath” and will be gone for good. There is also another theory that said the duct tape cause skin irritation which making your body immune system to pay more attention to that area and cure the warts.

2. Nail polish treatment for plantar wart
Nail polish treatment isn't as popular as the duct tape treatment. However, there are people who claim that they have successfully remove that ugly piece of skin condition from their foot by applying this technique.

How to apply this method
Just like the duct tape treatment, nail polish treatment also work by blocking the wart from getting oxygen supply. The only different is, this time you're using a nail polish instead of duct tape. Simply cover the warts with some nail polish.

3. Using apple cider vinegar to treat plantar warts
Apple Cider Vinegar can be use to kill plantar warts. Some people said this plantar wart removal technique can cause a little pain but many people claim that this method work and painless.

How to apply this method
Put the apple cider vinegar on a piece of cotton and then put it over the wart. Finally, you can duct tape or bandage the cotton piece to make sure it will stay in that place. This technique is best applied at night before you go to bed.

4. Banana Peel plantar warts treatment
If you have plantar wart at the bottom of your feet, throwing away a banana peel might be a bad idea. The potassium in the banana peel can help kill the wart on your foot.

How to apply this method
Rub or put the inner side of the banana peel on the wart. Do this for a few weeks and see if you can get any result.

5. Garlic as a natural plantar wart treatment
According to some research, garlic believed to have some sort of antiviral  properties which can be use to cure warts if it is applied on the wart for a couple of weeks.

How to apply this method
Simply apply a freshly crushed garlic over the wart and leave it that way. It is a good idea to bandage the area to make sure the garlic didn't get messy.

There you have it, some of the most popular method to treat plantar wart at home. If these method didn't produce any desirable result than perhaps it is time to set an appointment with your doctor and get the wart remove professionally. Or you can give over the counter remedies a shot.

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