Monday, May 21, 2012

Can I use a dollar store duct tape to treat my plantar wart?

One of the reasons why people prefer to treat plantar wart at home is because of the low-cost and easy to do procedure. One of the most talked home treatment for plantar warts is the duct tape method. In this method, duct tape is use as a primary tool to kill the wart.

However, most of the info about plantar wart duct tape treatment that you found on the internet did not mention the kind of duct tape you need to use. So some people are wondering if they can use the 1 dollar duct tape that they see at a Dollar store to treat the wart.

One of the reasons people are willing to try the duct tape treatment is because it only required small amount of money. Ofcouse we are more likely to buy a dollar duct tape instead of the more expensive one. Because of the price tag differences, many are doubting quality of the cheap duct tape and whether this cheap duct tape could be use to remove plantar wart.

The idea of removing plantar wart with duct tape is to cover the wart and decrease the amount of oxygen and nutrition the wart can get. By doing this you're killing the wart slowly. The price of the duct tape isn't really matter as long as the duct tape is able to stick to your skin to get the wart covered.

So, if you plan to remove the wart with duct tape, just go ahead and give it a try. The price of the duct tape is not an important factor. As long as the duct tape are able to stick to your skin and cover the wart, it is good to go.

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