Friday, February 8, 2013

What you ought to know about laser plantar wart removal

The problem with plantar wart is, they're really hard to remove. Believe it or not, there is certain people who find it extremely difficult to remove plantar wart. They have done everything from home treatment to surgery yet the dammed wart keep surviving or coming back! Could laser plantar wart removal be the answer?

Basically, there are 2 different kind of laser treatment for plantar wart. The one that use pulse dye lasers & the one that use carbon dioxide lasers.

What is the different between these two?
Pulse dye lasers – This treatment focus on starving the wart on your foot by attacking it blood vessel. Which will eventually kill it and the wart will fall off.
Carbon dioxide lasers – This laser on the other hand work pretty similar to surgery, where the plantar wart will be cut off your foot.

Good to know: Before the procedure, the effected area will be numbed to reduce/eliminate pain during the treatment. 

Seem promising? Just because laser removal sound extremely high-tech, it doesn't necessary mean this treatment is needed in every plantar wart cases. Laser treatment usually used when you're in the kind of situation where other methods are unable to defeat the wart successfully.

laser plantar wart removal is often use when the wart is either too large or too widely spread. This treatment is sometime considered as the last choice.

Laser plantar wart removal cost
For pulse dye laser treatment, it might going to cost you about $360. But be aware that a few treatment is required to successfully remove the warts.

However, the cost involved in removing plantar wart through laser treatment may vary depending on the size, amount and the location of the wart.

Laser plantar wart removal recovery
Recovery time for laser plantar wart removal might take about 5 weeks. It all depend on the amount of warts and it location.

The treated area usually feel a little painful for a few days. But if  the wound is bleeding for more than a week or becoming very painful, you might need to refer to your doctor.

Other than that, you might need to clean the wound to prevent infection.

Laser plantar wart surgery can be a little bit expensive. If you've not try other removal method yet, you probably should. You can check out “5 home remedies for plantar wart that people are talking about” and “4 most popular over the counter medicine for plantar warts” to get more infos.


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