Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Plantar wart removal surgery

There are several home removal methods that you can use to remove plantar warts. However, in some cases, a visit to you doctor is require for further examination. Despite being expensive and painful, there are several situation where you will need to have plantar wart removal surgery.

People always consider meeting a doctor as the last option. Before considering this last option, you'll need to know if the situation is bad enough that surgery will be the only way you'll be able to remove the warts.

Some of the scenario that might require you to meet your doctor include :

  • The warts keep spreading even after you've taken preventive and removing measure.
  • The plantar warts are so painful that you can hardly walk or stand.
  • You're a not sure whether it is actually a plantar wart or something else. Older peoples should consult with their doctor to check for any indicant of skin cancer
  • If you have diabetes, you'll have to meet your doctor for more options to remove the warts since most home remedies are not suitable for people with diabetes.

When we talk about Plantar wart removal surgery, there are several type of surgery that can be done to remove the warts from your foot.

  • Curettage – curettage is the most common plantar wart removal surgery. This type of surgery are performed by cutting and picking off the warts using a tiny spoon-shaped tool and a small knife.
  • Electrosurgery – this type of surgery involve using electric current to burn the warts
  • Laser Surgery – just like Electrosurgery, laser surgery also involve warts burning process. Only this time, laser are used to get the job done.

As mentioned above, Plantar wart removal surgery are always considered as the last option, and there is a reason for this. There are some cases where the patient are having painful post-surgery experience. Beside that, some patient take too long to recover from the surgery. However, the surgery procedure it self are known to be painless except at the beginning where the doctor injected you with some local anesthetic.


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