Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Does it hurt to remove plantar wart through surgery?

We must admit, despite all the success stories, sometime for some reasons home treatment just fail to get the wart on your feet removed. And sometime, the plantar wart had spread and grow so large that over the counter medicine and home removal methods aren't enough to make it go away.

This is the time when you need to consider setting up appointment with your doctor. However, it is understandable that having a plantar wart removed through surgery is a big decision. It involve some huge amount of cash too.

The most popular reasons people want to avoid removing plantar wart through surgery is because of the pain. If you been browsing the web for info about plantar wart, you will see a lot of people claim that surgery removal method is pretty painful.

The wart removing surgery procedure is not that painful but a lot of peoples said that the most painful moment during the entire procedure is the time when the doctor injecting local anesthetic to your foot. The pain said to last for a while but then you will not feel any kind of pain until the effect start to fade away several hour after the surgery end.

Despite the side effects and pains. There is time where surgery is your best option. This is absolutely true especially for people who had tried all the home removal method but don't get their desire result. You might get nervous about the surgery, but who wouldn't? Trust you doctor and ask him for advice on how you to minimize the pain cause by the surgery.

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