Saturday, May 5, 2012

Can plantar warts spread to your face?

So you have plantar wart and as any other plantar wart sufferer, it is extremely difficult for you to prevent yourself from accidently touching the wart. Then you've been thinking, if I accidently touch the wart directly before touching other part of my body, will the wart spread all over my body especially my face? Then you started to freak out...

Actually, there are possibility. By touching the wart you are at risk of spreading the virus to the other area of your body. Fortunately, it is said that the possibility are very rare and it is also said that the viruses that cause the wart only attack certain part of your body. For example, the virus that cause plantar wart prefer the skin condition on your feet while the virus that cause genital wart prefer to invade that part of your body instead of other area.

Despite the fact that the possibility is very rare, taking preventive action can help you to calm your mind knowing that you had done something to reduce the chances of spreading the wart to the other part of your body. To prevent wart from spreading one of the most basic thing to do is to avoid touching the wart directly. You can do this by simply covering the wart either with duct tape or bandage.

There is a possiblity for the wart to spread to the other part of your body, but the possiblity is so rare there is no reason to be panic about it. However, only the wart on your foot are called plantar wart. If you have wart on your hand, it usually refered as common wart.

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