Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Are plantar warts contagious?

Plantar warts is contagious
You make a living as massage therapists and it is your everyday job to massage your client feet, until one day you find out that one of your client have plantar warts which freak you out thinking that the warts will spread all over your hand. Or maybe one of your own family member have it and you're worried about the warts spreading if you accidentally touching it.

So you probably asking yourself, are plantar warts contagious?

Actually, the answer is yes, plantar warts is contagious. But wait, there is no need for you to be panic! Plantar warts is cause by HPV virus which is contagious, just like any other viruses. It can be spread from one individual to another or from a moisturize environments to a person.

However, it is believed that the virus which cause plantar warts are not highly contagious. This virus have a different impact on different person. Most of the time, the virus are killed by human antibodies before the warts begin to form.

Usually, a person who had some cuts on their feet or someone with a very weak immune system are more likely to have plantar warts. This is why plantar warts are more common among children though it can also occur among adults.

Despite the fact that the virus are not highly contagious, there is no reasons for us to not taking any preventive action. Some of the action that we can take to prevent plantar warts including avoid walking in public places with your barefoot and always keep your feet in clean and dry condition.

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