Thursday, September 13, 2012

Compound W starting to gel up in the bottle, should you buy a new one?

So let say you been using Compound W on your plantar wart and beginning to get some result. After weeks of using it, the upper layer of the wart has fall off and you think you only need to give it a few more treatment before the wart is gone for good. However, you realize the Compound W is starting to gel up.

Now you probably wondering, what happen? it is still good to use it on the wart?, or is it better to get yourself another bottle of Compound W?

What actually happen is the Compound W is gelling because it's exposed to the air. This maybe due to the bottle isn't closed properly after use, allowing the air to get in. Compound W is some form of acid so when it started gelling, that mean it no longer as powerful as it was before.

Because the Compound W is losing it power, it is better to purchase a new bottle to make sure you can treat the wart properly. Don't forget to close the bottle tightly this time to prevent air from getting in so the Compound W will not gelling up.

Using over the counter products such as Compound W is one of the best way to get rid of plantar warts. Many people had successfully remove the wart by using this method. However, the bottle need to be closed tightly to prevent Compound W from gelling up so you can use it on your plantar wart more effectively.

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