Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plantar wart surgery recovery

Plantar wart are known to be annoying and some time even painful. Despite all the home removal methods you see on the internet, there are some cases where the sufferer will have to remove the warts through surgical methods.

It had been said that except from the part where the doctor inject your feet with local anesthetic, plantar warts surgery are pretty painless. However, after the surgery you will have to deal with recovery time before you can finally do you daily activity without any limitation.

After the surgery, you will not feel any pain for several hour. But caution is still advised to reduce the pain that you might feel a few hours after the surgery. Your doctor might ask you to take a rest for a few day to make sure your foot can heal properly.

During the recovery period, it is best to change the bandage frequently to make sure your feet are always clean to avoid any other infection. Infection can cause complications which will increase the time needed for you to recover.

Many plantar warts sufferer are able to recover in a few days while the affected area itself will take weeks before it will completely heal. Most of the time, you will need to make a few visit to your doctor after the surgery. Your doctor will make sure that you are healing properly. Beside that, you doctor will make sure the warts have low chances of coming back.

Most of the plantar warts sufferer are complaining about pain during the recovery time. Usually the pain are coming from the surgery site itself or at the location where your doctor had injected you with local anesthetic. To deal with this, you might want to ask your doctor whether s/he will give you any pain killer after the surgery to reduce the pain. You can also ask your doctor whether it is safe for you to take over-the-counter medicine to reduce the pain.

Beside that, some patients also find the scar that they get after the surgery to be painful. You will have to ask your doctor about things you can do to reduce the scar and what could you do to stop the pain.

Basically, you'll have to put less pressure on your foot and make sure the surgery site are always in clean condition. Most of the time, patients will be fully recover in a few weeks but there are also some cases where the patient take longer to recover from the surgery.

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Anonymous said...

After having a plantar wart under the sole of my foot for over a year, I had it surgery removed. The most painful part was getting a needle stuck into the side of my foot in order to numb the heel so that the wart could be cut out. The pain after surgery did not really set in until about 12 hours later, in the middle of the night. It felt like a strange burning sensation. However, after taking an aspirin it felt much better. Overall, the procedure is much worth it, as you get it over with in one day as appose to visiting the doctor many times. However, 10 days later, I am still unable to walk on the heel of my foot as the pressure put on it by my body weight makes it really uncomfortable to walk ( it kind of like pressing hardly on a black and bruise). Although it's inconvenient to walk with a limp, I do not regret my decision in having the wart removal surgery.

Anonymous said...

I also had my wart on my heel removed over a week ago and itdid not hurt after surgery for almost 2 whole days. Then it started hurting again badly like it was back. My doctor told me to leave his bandage on for 2 days but i think that caused it to start getting irratted because once i changed it and cleaned it with peroxide it was less painful. However, if i do not clean it with peroxide and put anti bacterial cream on it everyday it starts to hurt bad again. If i keep it clean only 20% as bad as when i had it. I cannot wait to find out how long until it looks normal and not like a ring with a pink spot and stop hurting completly. This is the most annoying thing ever!

Anonymous said...

I just had one removed today from my heel. I'm still numb and now have a gaping hole in my heel. I can honestly say the needle almost put me through the roof- it is extremely long and painful. Once numb I did not feel any pain but boy oh boy do I expect soreness later. I am glad at the moment because nothing was working (including laser) and I just couldn't continue going to the dr. every few weeks- it wasn't going to go away. If I had anything to do differently, I would have had it cut out 3 months ago. Multiple freezings and laser were a waste... it was too deep in my heel.

Anonymous said...

My daughter had this done and the doctor wrapped her foot like a beehive and said to leave the bandage on for a week until she returns. I don't know why he would not have her clean it, or have her come back so he could clean it. So far, she has had minimal pain. She is staying off it (as much as possible), keeping it dry and clean. I guess it doesn't hurt that she is between jobs and has the time to stay home.

Anonymous said...

I thinks going to the public pool and/or showers caused the warts, because my son and daughter have them now. Ewww. I went the doctor and the shot in the foot was what put me through the roof. I know what you mean. I have been keeping it clean with hydrogen periodide several times and cleaning it out with que tips thouroughly. Then add neosporin with a bandaid on top. Leave it open during the night to dry out. This reduces the pain i'm feeling, but the pain feels still deep in the foot. Will it ever go away? Will it heal with germs inside? The aspirin did seem to help the pain and anti-inflammatory ibuprophen.

Anonymous said...

I had a wart cut out of the bottom of my foot 3 times in 2010. It just kept coming back. And to make matters even worse I got an infection in it every time it was cut out (and I followed doctors orders completely). The last time the doctor thought it was just an infection and decided to cut it with no anaesthetic (it was verruca not an infection). I had such a bad infection after that that I ended up in hospital. Now 3 year later I have a bad scar that makes it almost impossible to walk and I am having to see a plastic surgeon about it. Please make sure that your doctor is removing it properly, knows what he is doing and that he does everything possible to stop infection if you are considering this option.

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