Sunday, August 26, 2012

Is it OK to use Compound W wart remover to remove skin tags?

Sometime people use many kind of unrelated product to treat their wart. For example, the duct tape and nail polish is definitely not produced to treat plantar wart but yet peoples are still using it to treat wart and some of them even manage to get the wart removed.

But what about using products, that mean to treat plantar wart for other type of skin disorder? Such as using the Compound W to remove skin tags. Will it be fine for you to do this?. Some people who use Compound W on skin tags might actually doing it unintentionally.

For example, they might think the skin tags is some sort of wart, and only know that the thing on their skin is actually not a wart at all only after they had applied Compound W on it. This kind of situation might make you wonder if it will be OK to use Compound W on skin tags.

Although Compound W is not actually created to treat skin tags, pretty lot of people are using it to treat this skin disorder. However, If not done properly, doing this might damage your healthy skin which is why you'll need to carefully apply the products.

Because it is possible to accidentally destroy the healthy part of your skin. It is pretty important for you to do it carefully if you ever think about using Compound W on your skin tags. However, it is still better to use a product or method that specially created to treat skin tags since Compound W is actually designed for wart treatment.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How can I relieve pain from a plantar wart when I am playing soccer?

If you're reading this, you probably know that plantar warts are able to reduces your performance especially if you're involve in sports. Some people especially runner and soccer player has found it kind of hard to achieves their full potential because of the pain cause by the plantar wart.

However, it is very fortunate that there is something that we can do to reduces the pain during sports. Remember that most of the pain come from the pressure the wart absorb every time your foot touch the ground during running.

To lessen the pain cause by plantar wart, you will have to put some sort of cushioning to the wart so every time your foot touch the ground the wart will take less impact. Dr. Scholl's plantar wart remover can do this shamelessly and in the same time it help to remove the wart from your foot.

How it work

Dr. Scholl's Clear Away Plantar Wart Remover use salicylic acid to destroyed the wart tissue. In the mean time, the cushioning pad feature is able to reduces the pain that cause by plantar wart. Even better, by using it you'll be covering the wart which help to prevent the virus from spreading.

Not be able to achieves full potential during soccer because of plantar wart could be very frustrating. You can over come this problem by applying some sort of cushioning pad over the wart. Dr. Scholl's Plantar  Wart remover could come in handy when it come to this because not only it have the cushioning pad feature, but it also help you to get rid of the wart.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

How to get rid of Plantar Wart Viruses in the shower?

One of your family member have plantar wart and not really sure what it is. So he just doing his daily routine using the shower as usually while picking the wart of during his shower. Then your other family member start using the shower and now it seem like the wart has spread to the other member of your family.

If this kind of scenario sound familiar to you, you probably looking for way to disinfect your shower room to make sure the virus can't infect any other people in your family. Luckily, there is something you can do to reduce the virus in your shower.

People said that you can bleech the shower floor to get rid of the virus. Then you can use some cleaning and disinfecting products such as Lysol to make the shower even safer. To reduce the possibility of reinfection, the family member with plantar wart can cover the wart by putting some sort of duct tape or pad over it. You can also put  Dr. Scholl's Plantar  Wart remover over the wart which can help to cover the wart while treating it.

Knowing the shower is infected with some viruses that can cause plantar wart is kind of scary. But you can easily try to disinfect the shower by using bleech and cleaning product such as Lysol. Other than covering the wart, the member of the family who have plantar wart can get rid of the wart using many over the counter remedies that available in the market today. You can also take them to the doctor for more professional treatment and advice.

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