Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plantar wart removal surgery procedure

If you plan to have the warts remove by surgery, these videos might give a little bit of ideas how the surgery are going to be done. All the videos below had been collected from YouTube. Be aware that some people might find it scary or disgusting to watch these videos, but the videos shown below are really going to help you to understand more about plantar wart removal surgery.

In this video, Dr Mark T Senft demonstrates how the surgery is done. Uploaded by gr8feet

In this other video, a patient manage to get permission from his doctor to record the procedure while the surgery is done. By Dave the couch guy

In this last video, Dave the couch guy tell us about his experiences dealing with plantar warts.

Basically, the videos shown above might give you some ideas about the procedure for Plantar wart removal surgery. However, most plantar warts sufferer prefer to give home removal methods a try before considering having a surgery to remove the warts.

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