Monday, April 23, 2012

How to get rid of plantar warts

Plantar warts is annoying and some time can be painful. If you're reading this, you or someone you know probably have plantar warts and now are seeking for ways to get rid of it. There are several options that you can try.

Here is how to get rid of plantar warts:

  1. Duct tape
    One of the methods used to remove plantar warts is by using a duct tape. By using this method, the first thing you wanted to do is to dry the area where the warts is. Then, put the duct tape on the warts and leave the tape for about a week. At the end of the one week period, remove the tape and pick the warts with something like pin. Repeat the process for several weeks.

  2. Salicylic acid
    You can also get rid of plantar warts by using Salicylic acid which is available at your nearest pharmacies in various form such as liquid, pad and even gel. To do this, simply wash the affected area first. Then dry the area before applying the salicylic acid.

  3. Banana Peel
    You can also use banana peel to remove the plantar wars. Put a piece of fresh banana peel on the warts (with the inner side of the banana peel facing the warts) and tape the banana skin so it will stay in place. Do this will a new fresh banana peel everyday until the warts gone.

Beside all the methods mentioned above, there are a lot of other treatment for plantar warts such as surgery and freezing. However, we will always try the alternative medicine first before we decide to meet our doctor for more serious treatment.


Xerion said...

SUCCESS with NO PAIN! My 4 yr old had a plantars wart on the tip of her toe, which started out as a innocent-looking callous for several months, then defined in to a large plantars wart. Our family doctor froze it which hurt her immensely, but then it looked like it was growing stronger after 2-3 weeks. Perhaps you need more than one treatment, even with Dr.'s grade freezing, but it wasn't worth hurting my child. I spent hours on line looking for medicinal and natural remedies. I tried the nail polish, then duct tape, but it wouldn't stay on an active and moist foot for long. Then we switched to Compound W 30% salycylic acid for 3 weeks and as careful as I was, the solution would smudge to her surrounding skin throughout the day and after a while it becomes a painful mess, especially as you must scrape it every day for it to be effective. A second wart appeared on the bottom of her other foot, then a small cluster of 'daughter warts' near the original wart on her toe. My daughter is a little tuffie with pain and this was scraping was tormenting her at age 4. I tried this for almost 3 weeks then went to a homoepathic Doctor, who, after a 1/2 hour deep consult about my child, gave her 3 little tablets to take right away (too strengthen her immune system (a wart is a virus), then a bottle of liquid "Thuya Occident" (I believe derived from birch trees) and a small bottle of liquid " Chelidonium Major" (derived from a small flowering plant. Twice a day, I use a Qtip to put a drop of each liquid on each wart (no double-dipping). They started turning darker and darker each week until the large toe wart turned dark brown and fell out after 2.5 weeks. The second wart fell out last night after 3 weeks and the little cluster is now turning darker as well. I thought they were turning darker because of the stain from the natural remedy, but perhaps they were dying. I shall continue to use the drops for a few more weeks to ensure there is no remaining wart virus. The naturopath visit cost $40 and the two remedies were $42 together. I still have 80% remaining in the bottles. I hope this helps you all considering painful laser, buring and acis treatments. I know these warts are painful from the callous. I had one when I was young and remember my parents soaking, scraping and putting chemical on it for months before it died. Thsi is an excellent lesson from Nature :). PS the drops do not injure or affect surrounding skin. I tried them on my hand and they feel like a drop of water.

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