Thursday, July 12, 2012

Does it hurt to get plantar warts frozen off?

Plantar wart is always annoying and embarrassing. It's also interfere with you daily activities as you might feel a little uncomfortable when you're walking or running. That's why getting it removed as soon as possible is always preferable by those who have it.

One of the most common way to removed the wart is by getting it frozen off. As usual, when we talk about treatment, the first question that going to pop up in your mind is “will it hurt?”. You're not alone, it is understandable to feel concern about the pain when it come to meet a doctor and get the wart frozen off.

So, will it hurt?
Removing the wart by frozen it off is not that painful. It is however going to feel extremely cold – I mean really extremely cold. For some people it make them feel a little pain during the process but that is only for a few second which shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to handle. Other than that you might feel a little pain for a few days after the wart removed but as been said before, the pain is not unbearable.

The doctor usually clip the wart off your foot after frozen it. The whole process is not too painful and some people who get their plantar wart remove using this method describe the feeling as uncomfortable instead of painful.

The doctor know what they're doing. Most of the time they'll recommend the best suitable treatment for you depending on your condition and the seriousness of the wart you have. You might going to feel a little pain if you remove the wart by frozen it off but as many people said the pain is bearable and only last for a while.

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