Sunday, July 22, 2012

What Salicylic acid do to plantar wart

If you have plantar wart and need to get rid of it, you might already read a few info about some of the wart remover that available in the market today. Salicylic acid is the most common over the counter wart remover that you can buy.

So, you know that this wart remover is going to remove the wart but you probably wonder what does this Salicylic acid do to plantar wart to remove it from your foot? And most importantly how long does it take to remove the wart completely?

The Salicylic acid work by dissolving the overgrown skin (the wart) on your foot. The acid however, didn't kill the virus that cause the wart to appear at the first place. So just like most plantar wart removal method, there is some possibility for the wart to reappear after you get it removed using Salicylic acid.

Despite being very helpful in getting rid of the wart, wart remover will not be able to remove plantar wart instantly. It is known to take weeks or even months for wart remover to remove the wart completely. (If you apply the wart remover daily)

Nevertheless, a lot of people manage to successfully get rid of plantar wart using wart remover. There is other treatment such as freezing and surgery that can get the wart removed quickly but these treatment is more for the kind of wart that didn't show any positive result after being treated with over the counter wart remover such as Salicylic acid.

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Irene_J said...

Salicylic acid is currently considered the most desirable wart treatment, based on its effectiveness and safety. It is as effective as or more effective than other treatment, with minimal risk and pain.1 The treatment takes 2 to 3 months. Calgary Orthotics

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