Monday, July 2, 2012

Aren't plantar warts suppose to hurt?

You have something on your foot that look like plantar wart but it didn't hurt even when you poke it real hard. Because you didn't feel any pain, you start to wonder if that thing on your foot is actually plantar wart.

So this make you wonder, aren't plantar wart suppose to hurt? And how can we recognize if it is plantar wart?

In many cases, plantar wart did hurt and can cause pain to people who suffer from it. The pain usually felt when you stand, walk or run. But there is also peoples who claim that they had plantar wart a couple of time but non of them seem to cause any pain. This show us that plantar wart usually hurt but not always necessarily.

Then how do you suppose to know if that thing on your foot is plantar wart?

One of the most easiest thing you can do is by seeing how it look like. Plantar wart is not that hard to recognize. You can tell if that thing on your foot is plantar wart by looking at it, plantar wart usually look kind of warty and usually have a black dot.

Plantar wart usually cause pain but not all the time. Some people with plantar wart claim their wart isn't causing any pain but most people said that it's hurt and can interrupt their daily routine. However, you can still look at it to tell whether what you have on your foot is plantar wart or something else.

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