Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Will Compound W Wart Remover work on Plantar warts?

When we talk about cure for plantar wart, we can't help but to talk about over the counter products. Despite all the home removal methods, over the counter products seem like a more proper way of dealing with plantar wart because the products manufactured by big companies and research is usually done before they actually produce the products in a large scales.

One of the most popular over the counter wart remover is Compound W Wart Remover. Because of it name, some people are wondering whether Compound W Wart Remover will work on plantar wart. It name make some people think that this product only work on common wart.

Actually, Compound W can work for plantar wart. It's believed that any wart remover product is able to remove plantar wart on your foot. However, for the best result it is way better to get some advice from dermatologist or physician.

If your plantar wart is bad enough, the dermatologist might be able to recommend you something even better to help you remove the wart. One of the common technique to remove an extreme plantar wart is by using liquid nitrogen which said able to kill the wart from the root.

You can use Compound W to treat plantar wart on your foot. Although plantar wart is a little different compared to common wart, most of the wart remover products such as Compound W is said to be able to work on plantar wart too. In fact, many people are actually already using it to treat plantar wart on their foot with success. However, since not every products can work for everyone, it is best to refer to your dermatologist to get the best suitable treatment for you.

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