Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How long it going to take to get rid of a plantar wart using Compound W gel?

Plantar wart will take a very long time before it finally disappear by itself. That's why most people are looking for a product to remove the wart faster so they can continue their daily routine without any interference from the wart. Due to this, before purchasing any over the counter wart remover, one of the most asked question is how long will it take for that particular product to get the wart removed.

Any wart removal products, even the most expensive one, is going to take some times before it can get the wart removed. Compound W gel is said to take up to 2 weeks before you can finally see the result. 2 weeks might seem like a long time but without treatment, plantar wart can survive on your foot a lot longer than that.

Getting it removed faster

The only way to get the wart out of your foot fast is by surgery. However, even after the surgery successfully get rid of the warts, you're still going to need time for you to recover from the plantar wart removal surgery.

Not matter what methods you choose, removing plantar wart is going to take time. Peoples said over the counter product such as Compound W is going to take up to 2 weeks before the wart is eliminated. As for the surgical method, it can get rid of the wart quickly but you still have to wait for some period of time before you're fully recover from the surgery.

However, the best thing to do is to refer to your doctor since s/he can analyze the wart (to see how bad it is) and give you the most suitable treatment depending on the condition and seriousness of the wart.

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