Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to get rid of verrucas with duct tape

verruca removal
How to get rid of verrucas
Photo: Peter Stevens @ Flickr | CC
Sometime, warts on feet or also known as verruca can be painful. It will go away by itself but it's going to take a pretty long time for that to happen. Alternatively, we can get rid of it by force. This can be done by either asking your doctor to do it for you, or by using a home remedy.

But in this post, we are going to show you how to get rid of verruca with duct tape.

Removing verruca with duct tape is a pretty simple process.

The first thing to do is covering the wart with duct tape, and leave it that way for 6 day straight. If the tape fell off, (maybe due to the tape being expose to a lot of water during shower) simply cover the wart back again with a new piece of duct tape.

6 days later, you'll need to remove the tape. Then, soak the verruca or wart for 5 minute in warm water. After that, remove any dead tissue at the top of the wart by softly rubbing the wart using pumice stone. Make sure you dry the wart before you do this.

On the next day, cover the wart with a new piece of duct tape again. Continue doing this for at least two month and see if it work.

The duct tape treatment might not give you the result you want. But a lot of peoples said it work so it probably worth a try.


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