Saturday, November 2, 2013

5 verruca treatment that might give you maximum result

verruca removal
how to get rid of verrucas

Having a verruca can be painful and uncomfortable. If you fail to find the right verruca treatment for you, you might end up unable to do your daily task effectively.

As you seek for the right treatment, keep in mind that it is difficult to know which treatments is the best. This is because each individual react differently to different kind of treatments. Treatment that's proven to work for someone else might not give you the same result.

The only effective way to know which treatment will work is to give them a try. Here are 5 verruca treatments that you might want to give a shot.

Verruca laser removal treatment
Your doctor will basically just shot low intensity laser to kill the verruca before s/he get the dead verruca removed. This treatment is less painful but known to be pretty expensive.

Cryosurgery treatment
This treatment involve freezing the verruca with liquid nitrogen and usually require up to 4 treatments for you to get the best result. This treatment is pretty popular because it is cheaper than laser removal.

Chemical treatment for verruca
Your doctor will cover the verruca with chemical such as Cantharidin. Your doctor will then warp the area with bandage before s/he give you some guide on how you need to take care of it. Your doctor will remove the verruca during your next appointment.

Over-the-counter medication 
Over the counter treatment such as salicylic acid is widely available for sale. This method is done by yourself and it also have a pretty high success rate. A lot of peoples prefer to try this self-treatment first and only go to the doctor if this treatment didn't give them any result.

Home remedies for verruca
For peoples who hate chemical products and  prefer to do things yourself, there are always home remedies. Check out these home remedies for plantar wart here.


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