Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Can stress cause plantar warts?

In today society, most of us work in a stressful environment. Most people feel stress in their daily life and stress had caused many health problem in today modern age. But can stress cause plantar warts? since a lot of health related problem nowadays can be caused by stress, some peoples are wondering if stress could be the cause of plantar warts.

The answer to that question is NO. plantar wart is not caused by stress, it is cause by some sort of virus called Human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus believed to get into human body thru small crack on our foot especially when we walk bare footed on places where the virus is known to prosper such as public shower floor. Click to read more about “How do you get plantar warts

This virus normally killed by our antibody but it sometime survive and cause plantar wart to appear. This is more likely to happen especially when our antibody are weak. The virus that cause plantar wart also known to survive in shoes which used by people with plantar wart.

Stress however, are not actually able to cause plantar wart. The virus can still cause plantar wart if it manage to infect you whether you're in stressful situation or not.

Stress didn't cause plantar warts. However, both plantar warts and stress is not a good thing. Both of them can affect our daily performance and make our life a little more uncomfortable. So, don’t hesitate to seek for treatment if you happen to be facing any of those issue.

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